Xing presents the sixth edition of Live Arts Week, which takes place in Bologna from 26th to 29th april 2017.

Live Arts Week VI is conceived around an intense performative marathon at Ex GAM – the former Modern Art Gallery – and events spread out across other venues and locations in the historical town.

Unique in Italy, this event dedicated to live arts, hosts a blend of new productions that revolve around the presence, performance and perceptual experience of sounds and visions.

Live Arts Week gives space to ‘existential athletics’. It does not put art before the artists, but exposes to forms of sensitivity and ideas, welcomes hybrid and polyglot works, hosts creative singularity, weaving a sort of counter-design of use.

The program offers a calendar of live works (performances, environments, concerts, expanded cinema with unique dates, productions and previews) presented by important personalities in the international and contemporary research scene.

Gianni Peng, a name that will accompany the festival in its organic growth, indicates the time of these transitions. It is a phenomenon, not a person: a new identity, unlikely but real, to be treated as an abstract concept.