saturday 29 april – 10.30pm ~


Antonija Livingstone/Claudia Hill (CAN/D)

Katapult : Volumes II-III

performance, première, production Xing/Live Arts Week

In Katapult: Volumes II – III Antonija Livingstone & Claudia Hill exhibit themselves at work. Livingstone and Hill have been investing in a visual and performance practice of collaborative 3D sketching. Together they are busy troubling the roles of the artist and the model, the form and object, and activating the feminist bodymind in-between. Katapult Volumes II – III features bodies in repetitive action: a kata, a throwing or striking gesture as extrapolated from Livingstone’s oeuvre. Kata is a term from martial arts for an exercise or drill practiced alone in repetition without its full application, and often used in Livingstone’s choreographic works. This particular gesture, and mechanism speaks both violent protest and sportive joie de vivre; across cultures, class, gender and time. It is a complete dance in and of itself, but also operates as a host situation for new 3D sketches. Hill transforms textile material into profound objects, oftentimes manipulating the material itself: freezing, burning, cutting up, collaging, are some of the methods she experiments with and draws from here as well. Together they prepare a stock of carefully composed raw and synthesized materials at the disposal of the Katapult. The performance is a mesmerizing durational activity of dressing and undressing, arming and disarming the situation, aiming to activate our poetic and political potential.

the artists whish to thank their comrades: Stephen Thompson, Jamila Johnson-Small, keyon gaskin, Nadia Lauro, Brendan Dougherty
presented with the support of Ambasciata del Canada Roma / Focus Canada 150°

Antonija Livingstone is an independent artist from Montreal, Canada, working at the frontiers of dance and performance. Her practice is influenced by her early life living in itinerant gold mining camps of British Colombia and the Yukon – an improvisational way of life with her family of geologists in intimate rapport with the natural and material world. Livingstone directs a critically Queer approach to collaborative choreographic work, together with visual artists, choreographers, strangers, and animal companions. Since her solo work The Part (2004) she has created a series of diverse co-authored feminist works, notably Cat Calendar with Antonia Baehr (2005), – a situation for dancing with Heather Kravas (2007), Culture, Administration & Trembling (2014) with Jennifer Lacey, Dominique Pétrin, chihuahuas and snakes, and Supernatural (2015) with Simone Aughterlony and Hahn Rowe. Her most recent work, Études Hérétiques (2016) co-created with artist and scenographer Nadia Lauro, is a collection of seven studies for ensemble and snail. As a performer Livingstone has worked most extensively with the choreographers Benoit Lachambre and Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods with whom she continues to perform Sketches/Notebook. Her work has been presented at a diverse range of contexts including Festival Transameriques Montréal, Biennale des Arts Performatifs Québec, Festival d’Automne/Menagerie de Verre Paris, Actoral Festival Marseille, American Realness Festival New York, Fierce Festival UK, Impulstanz/Leopold Museum Vienna, Museum of Art Rio de Janeiro, Arsenic Lausanne, HAU Berlin.

Claudia Hill is a Berlin-based cross-disciplinary artist who makes objects that create possibilities for personal encounters and function as mediators. Her work developed from a thirteen-year career in fashion design based in New York presenting her collections between New York and Japan. As her work expanded beyond the boundaries of the industry she designed costumes for choreographer William Forsythe, The Wooster Group, and became a frequent collaborator with choreographer Meg Stuart, also designing work for films by visual artists Michaël Borremans, Boris Achour, and Lucie Tuma Projects Zürich. Her interventions range from performative designing to constructing large scale textile based sculptural works, and conceiving participatory actions or visual interventions for art centers such as Centre Georges Pompidou Paris, and Zentrum fur Kunst Media Technologie Karlsruhe. Claudia Hill is currently in post-production of her artist film Kŏnvoi. She also participates in an event on ritual with curator Barbara Raes in Berlin and develops new work for the Supernova event in concert with Damaged Goods Sketches/Notebook extended version for the HAU Berlin 2018 season.

Supernova. Since 2013, Livingstone and Hill have worked together in Berlin, primarily inside the framework of the interdisciplinary performance Sketches/Notebook conceived by choreographer Meg Stuart and produced by Damaged Goods. After touring this extraordinary work for four years the group recently established the format of Supernova. Supernova is an ensemble of creators and performers, who continue to develop their practices relative to the spirit and insights of Sketches/Notebook, generating new and independent bodies of work, to be presented uniquely and in tandem with the Damaged Goods production over the 2017-2018 seasons.