saturday 29 april – 11.30pm ~


Valerio Tricoli (I/D)


sound performance, italian première

Infrequency, the sound performance which closes Live Arts Week 2017, is a piece of concrete music assembled live with the use of magnetic tape, in a process that is largely improvised. It draws on a series of scattered thoughts, extra-ordinary experiences, impossible expectations… “There is a crack in reality which I cannot hide, and it is not only aural: the elements of the psychological landscape are not willing to be coordinated. The world seems to exist only in its disintegration into facts and disconnected events. And the inevitable isolation of these facts and events, as it meets with the resistance of my insatiable human need for connection, sparks electric charges which reveal obscure zones in the veil of reality, non-finite areas and ad-lib refractions of a dragging experience.” Tricoli’s soundscapes are based on an arsenal of debris. Infrequency is the realm of incoherence, the map of a catastrophe in progress, a soft and shattered landscape in which the fragments struggle to avoid being reduced to a structure.

Revox B77, Mmpi-2, recordings, voices and texts

Valerio Tricoli is an Italian composer and performer of electro-acoustic music, born in Palermo and currently residing in Munich. Since the mid ’00 his main instruments for live presentations is the Revox B77 reel-to-reel tape recorder, used as a completely analogue, ergonomic device for live sampling and real-time transformation, editing and mixing of pre-recorded (field or studio recordings) and made-on-the-spot sound sources. On a formal level his sets focus on the impromptu creation of a narrative which takes into account the multiple relations intervening between reality, virtuality and memory during the acoustic event: sounds are always hovering between the ‘here and now’ of the concert situation and the shady domain of memory, distant but at the same time present like in a deja-vu experience. Privileging fracture over continuity and by the use of a dynamic range that could often jump suddenly from near-silence to extreme blasts of sounds, an almost tactile feeling of brooding tension is often attained. His electro-acoustic studio compositions, documented on few records, are aligned to the tradition of Musique Concrète and explore themes of the internal and of the occult, which together with the large use of spoken text makes them often deeply existential works. He is a founding member of the italian avant-rock group 3/4HadBeenEliminated and has been working extensively with Thomas Ankersmit, Antoine Chessex, Werner Dafeldecker, Anthony Pateras.